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Subaru BRZ

The all new 2022 Subaru BRZ has finally been announced to the public and has improved in many different ways compared to the previous models that we all know and love. With a brand new 2.4 litre boxer engine, an interior that’s been redesigned from the ground up and a new chassis that provides the vehicle with an ultra-low centre of gravity that provides us with the classic Subaru style of handling.

Subaru BRZ For Sale

The next generation for the Subaru BRZ will go on sale early fall of 2021, whilst production of the Subaru BRZ will be at Subaru’s Gunma, Japan assembly plant.



One of the biggest changes to come with the new BRZ model is the engine, formally known in the car community as the 2.0 litre sports car that struggled with speed, the brand new BRZ has been upgraded with Subaru’s new 2.4 litre naturally aspirated boxer engine. Even though Subaru have changed the engine out this time round, it will only produce 228 BHP at 7,000rpm and 184lb-ft of torque at 3,700rpm, which ultimately means that we are seeing an increase of 15% in torque compared to the previous model’s 156lb-ft. Unfortunately, with this new model of BRZ, Subaru have decided to leave out a turbocharger yet again, something that the community has been asking for years now. Two trims will be available for the 2022 refresh; Premium and Limited, both being offered with the choice of either a manual transmission or an automatic transmission, featuring paddle shifters and downshift blipping control. The new Sport Mode for the automatic transmission model utilises yaw sensors to hold the vehicle in a lower gear during hard corners so performance is maximised.

Subaru BRZ Exterior

With the new 2022 Subaru BRZ, the design team have definitely upped the aggressive styling for the four seater sports car without putting on the pounds. In fact, Subaru have used lightweight materials such as Aluminium for the roof, fenders and hood to bring the estimated curb weight down to under an impressive 2,900lbs, this allows Subaru to deliver its promise of accessible performance. Other than aggressive, the overall impression of the new BRZ is modern, agile and powerful, featuring focused and functional aerodynamic details. For example, the front fenders both own a large side vent that reduces drag by directing air out from under the hood and fenders and then directing it to a side sill spoiler to create downforce at higher speeds. You could also talk about the rear hatch how it smoothly flows into a dramatic upturned ‘ducktail’ rear spoiler, very similar to the Toyota Supra. The grille is at a low point on this model and capped by the large fenders that allow just enough room for the front suspension points. Appearing on the 2022 model as well as the previous models is dual exhaust pipes with larger fenders either side to keep the car at a low and wide stance.

Subaru BRZ Interior

The inside of the 2022 Subaru BRZ has seen a huge update compared to the previous models. An all new dashboard fits with the modern and sporty style that Subaru has aimed for with the new BRZ. Long gone are the days where analog dials and gauges were found in a Subaru BRZ, now with the 2022 update, we are seeing a new 7-inch digital display. The styling of this is still very similar to the classic design, where the tachometer is front and centre, taking up most of the display with an integrated digital speedometer readout allowing for more accurate speed readings. To the left of this display is another meter which is actually programmable; the driver has three choices for what is being shown on this display, these are amps, the water temperature of the car and the g-meter, another feature that has been brought over to the new generation of BRZ. Accompanying the new digital dash is an updated infotainment system with an 8-inch display that is touch screen and is found in the centre stack where it takes precedence. The new system has many features due to its link with Subaru’s Starlink system; Apple Carplay, Android Auto, Bluetooth connectivity, rear vision camera viewing and SiriusXM services are all available within this refreshed model. The seating positions are about the same in the 2022 Subaru BRZ, nothing much has been altered, it is still nice and low with excellent sight lines to the front and to the side, one feature that can be mentioned is the window pillars in the cockpit. In the new model, Subaru and has used high strength steel to keep them thin and out of sight, but at the same time they have managed to keep them strong.

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The design of the chassis for the BRZ has taken full advantage of the ultra low centre of gravity and high strength body structure to allow the driver to experience the Subaru BRZ’s nimble handling and extraordinary control. This is thanks to the front suspension adopting struts and coil springs to keep weight low and almost perfectly distributed. Another key point to mention is that the front lateral bending rigidity has been increased by 60%, this results in an improvement for turn in and response. For track driving, the standard Vehicle Stability Control (VSC) traction and stability system offers the driver five different settings. The system has been redesigned to allow more input from the driver before it activates the traction system. The system can be turned completely off to put the driver in full control.

Subaru BRZ Drifting
Subaru BRZ Driving Rear View
Subaru BRZ Interior
Subaru BRZ Engine

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