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The new BMW IX shows us that BMW is truly redefining the concept of a successful Sports Activity Vehicle (SAV), equipped with a new minimalist design which has been developed carefully by BMW’s engineers, the IX is set to help redefine the driving experience for electric cars.

BMW IX For Sale

The BMW IX will go on sale in the UK in November 2021.



BMW have made sure that they harness the the latest developments and innovations in the electrification side of the automobile industry, to deliver both a brand new mobility experience as well as a new driving experience for all occupants. The BMW IX adopts BMW’s 5th generation of eDrive technology, resulting in the IX adopting the use of two electric motors, the power electronics, high spec charging technology and the high-voltage-battery at the vehicles core, which guarantees exceptional efficiency. In fact, BMW have stated that, according to recent calculations and tests on the IX, it will develop a maximum output of more than 370kW, which is equivalent to roughly 500 BHP. This therefore means that there is enough power in the BMW IX to hit 60 MPH under approximately 5.0 seconds. 

Whilst achieving these numbers in acceleration and power, BMW have managed to keep close to the IX’s main aim which is to keep the combined electric power consumption figure at a low rate. Fortunately, BMW have managed to do this. The WLTP (Worldwide harmonized Light-duty vehicles Test Procedure) scored the IX at less than 21 kWh consumed per 62 miles (100km). With a gross energy content of more than 100 kWh means that BMW’s latest generation of the battery found in the IX can achieve a range of over 600 Km in the WLTP cycle, which is equivalent to 300 miles according to the WLTP FTP-75 test. This has been possible for BMW without the use of critical raw materials which further develops towards the companies group wide environmental protection plans.

(Please note all figures relating to performance, energy consumption and range are predicted values based on the car’s current stage of development)


The BMW IX’s new fast charging technology has enabled owners too fast charge their vehicle up to 200kW. Therefore resulting in the battery being able to charge from 10% to 80% of its full capacity in just under an impressive 40 minutes. Take this into comparison where it would take 11 hours for the battery to charge up to 100% of its capacity with at 11kW from a Wallbox. Another positive note for BMW and the batteries fitted into the BMW IX is that they are highly recyclable as they are designed as a component for one of BMW’s long term resource cycles, furthermore helping them work towards their group wide environmental protection plans.

The computing side of the BMW IX really shows off what BMW are capable of when it comes to progressing in electrification, automated driving and digital services for their vehicles. For example, the level of computing power has been developed to process 20 times the data volume of previous models. This therefore means that the IX can process approximately twice as much data coming from the vehicle’s sensor’s and cameras compared to what was previously possible in BMW’s line of electric cars. Frank Weber, who is a member of the Board of Management for BMW AG, Developemt, also stated that “more computing power for data processing and more powerful sensor technology than the newest vehicles in our current line-up, is 5G-capable, will be given new and improved automated driving”.

BMW IX Exterior

The exterior design of the BMW IX helps provide the new driving experience that BMW is aiming with this car, for example, BMW has prioritised familiarity, relaxation and self-determination in the design making them the dominant themes to on-lookers. The whole body of the IX is comparable to features and sections from some of BMW’s other vehicles. For example, the BMW IX is similar in length and width to the BMW X5, with almost the same height as the BMW X6 taking into account that there is a flowing roofline present and the wheel size is one comparable to the BMW X7. To create a more imposing and dominant body style for the IX, BMW has embraced the use of rectangular contours and flat edges around the wheel arches to contribute more of a broad and imposing look/feel to the car. This is different to the usual design of BMW that we are used to,  gone are the curves and creases to make the vehicle look as aggressive as possible, but replaced with something more sophisticated and futuristic to help BMW pave the way into a new generation of automobiles. 

At the front and centre of the IX is BMW’s iconic kidney grille, however, due to the car being electric, little cooling is needed for the engine. Instead of completely removing it, BMW has reinvented the grille as a high tech interface for advanced driver assistance systems to make sure the automated driving side of BMW can thrive and become a fine competitor in the industry. For example, the grille will be integrated with advanced components for driver assistance such as, sensors, cameras and radar technology, all working together to give the driver the best and safest experience possible. 

The exterior also highlights the slimmest headlight units ever to feature on one of BMW’s production cars, this is obviously a huge difference from the classic geometric or circular, aggressive headlights, however, it does seem to be something that BMW is adopting more on their newer car models, especially in their EV range. Coming to the side of the IX it seems that BMW have stuck to the minimalistic design style that they were aiming for, for example, the flush-fitted door openers (operated at the press of a button) and the frameless side windows, presents a more smart and modern look/feel to the IX. Towards the rear, we see that slim design that has been used on the headlights, also applied to the rear brake lights, as well as a tailgate that has no separation joints and flows across the whole rear to keep the vehicle light. 

BMW IX Interior

The BMW IX has definitely carried the look of smartness and luxury to the interior of the vehicle, a high level of spaciousness. A mixture of high-quality materials, newly developed seats with integral head restraints and an exceptionally large panoramic glass roof immerse all five seats of the BMW iX cabin in a luxurious, lounge-like ambience. BMW have also managed to remove the centre tunnel in the IX, which results in a more open and airy feel to the car, whilst allowing passengers to have more legroom both in the front and the rear of the car.

Up front in the cockpit, the displays and controls have been kept to the minimum and stripped down to the essentials that the driver will need. The technology that is requested to be used will revealed to the driver becomes visible when it is needed. BMW states that this makes it intuitive to use rather than overly complex, however, this means you may be fiddling with the controls a bit more rather than keeping your eyes on the road whilst driving. Nevertheless, the style of this shy/hidden technology is featured throughout the vehicle including speakers integrated out of sight, intricately styled air vents, heated surfaces and the discreet recessing of the BMW Head-Up Display’s projector into the instrument panel so it is almost invisible. An all new hexagonally shaped steering wheel has also been adopted into the IX, paving the way for a new driving experience and futuristic look. To accompany this, a rocker switch for gear selection has been included and the BMW Curved Display – which forms part of the next-generation BMW Operating System – clearly advertise the futuristic form of driving pleasure on offer. 

Another feature to note is the material used on the seats for both the passengers and driver. BMW has used a combination of high quality textile and microfibre fabrics that are highly recyclable to cover a new and futuristic looking seat that features an integrated head restraint to keep the minimalist look consistent and smart. 

BMW IX Front Driving
BMW IX Highland Driving
BMW IX Front and Centre
BMW IX Cockpit

Top Speed

124 MPH


523 BHP

0-60MPH (Sec)



46 lb ft

MPG (Urban)

246 Miles

MPG (Combined)

257 Miles

Engine Size




No. Seats


No. Doors


Body Style






Fuel Tank Cap

76.6 kWh

Luggage Cap

500 Litres min

Tax (UK)


Wheel Size









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