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All-electric mobility reaches the very heart of the BMW brand. The BMW i4 is the brand’s first electric vehicle focused squarely on driving dynamics. Locally emission-free driving pleasure, compromise-free premium quality and customer-oriented individualisation come to the traditional core of the midsize segment for the first time.

BMW I4 For Sale

Deliveries available in Autumn of 2021



When the new BMW i4 is released in November, there will be two model variants on the market. The first model being the BMW I4 M50. This will be BMW’s very first fully electric performance car, producing 544 BHP from a motor that has an electric power consumption of 24-19 kWh per 62 miles in a combined environment. The range of the M50 is up to 317 miles, according to the WLTP cycle, and features an AWD system.

The other variant that BMW is releasing alongside the BMW i4 M50 is the BMW i4 eDrive40, which has combined electric power consumption of 20 – 16 kWh per 62 miles and produces 340 BHP. Unlike the M50, the i4 eDrive40 features a RWD system and as an increased range of 367 miles. This is a huge gain over the i4 m50.

The new BMW i4 features BMW’s fifth generation of eDrive Technology, just like the BMW IX, where the vehicle features a highly integrated unit of electric motor, power electronics and transmission and the latest battery cell technology. When the electric motors work accordingly in the i4, the power density produced has been known to go up to an impressive 2.14 kW per KG. This is most useful for instantaneous power delivery, sustained over a broad rev band.

The BMW i4 M50 benefits from two electric motors to provide the car with Sport Boost for ultra-dynamic power delivery. In fact, this system is so powerful that it produces 586 lb-ft of torque and an ability to reach 0-60 MPH in just 3.9 seconds. The BMW i4 eDrive40 has a torque of 317 lb-ft and the ability to go 0-60 MPH in just 5.7 seconds.

The high voltage battery for the BMW i4 is positioned low down in the vehicle’s body to keep the centre of gravity closer to the ground. In fact, having the battery so low means the centre of gravity is 53mm lower than the BMW 3 Series Sedan. Having a lower centre of gravity on this car also means that dynamic cornering will be a lot easier and stable due to the fact that the car will be closer to the road.

Adaptive or individually adjustable recuperation of braking energy increases efficiency and enables one-pedal feeling plus the use of the coasting function depending on need and the traffic situation.

A Combined Charging Unit allows use of DC fast-charging stations with output of up to 200 kW. Range can be increased by as much as 164 kilometres / 102 miles (BMW i4 eDrive40) and 140 kilometres / 87 miles (BMW i4 M50) within 10 minutes at stations of this kind


As far as technology goes on the BMW i4, there is a wide range of smart functions to keep the driving experience pleasurable as well as fun and safe. BMW have stated over 40 driving functions are available with the BMW i40, these include: Front-collision warning, Speed Limit Info and Lane Departure Warning fitted as standard. Optional Active Cruise Control with automatic Speed Limit Assist, route monitoring function and (in Germany) reaction to traffic lights. Also available: Driving Assistant Professional including Steering and Lane Control Assistant.

However, with BMW’s new operating system which features Remote Software Upgrades to keep your car up to date, other driving functions may be introduced in the future. The navigation system in the BMW i4 is cloud based, just like the new EV cars of BMW, making journeys more efficient with live traffic updates as well as updates on any road closures. The new navigation system in BMW’s EV range also features the ability to include charging stations in route planning, keeping your mind at ease when travelling further than usual. 

Extensive smartphone integration including use of Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Personalisation through BMW ID and My BMW App.

To improve the driving experience, BMW have also worked on more of the ‘mechanical technology’, especially in the suspension of the i4. As standard, the BMW i4 comes with lift-related dampers and rear axle suspension to make the ride more smooth when travelling over cobbled roads or even rougher surfaces. Near-actuator wheel slip limitation (also teamed for the first time with electric all-wheel drive) delivers outstanding traction and directional stability in extremely dynamic driving manoeuvres.

Model-specific drive sound delivers authentic feedback to movement of the accelerator and speed. BMW i4 M50 with extremely energy-charged soundtrack. Optional BMW IconicSounds Electric enables integration of new sound variants created as part of a collaboration with film music composer Hans Zimmer.

BMW i4 Exterior

BMW are aiming to produce a vehicle with sustainable sportiness, comfort and everyday usability in the premium midsize segment, with the BMW i40. The concept adopts sedan-level ride comfort and mixes it with modern functionality to create a beautiful and luxurious looking Gran Coupe. The main design for the i4 features stretched coupé proportions, a flowing roofline, four doors with frameless windows and a large tailgate.

At the front, consumers will find the classic BMW kidney grills, which are no longer used for air flow or engine cooling, instead, just like most electric BMW cars, the grills feature a discreetly integrated camera, ultrasonic and radar sensors for smarter driving functions. On either side of the grills are the new slim headlights, which can be upgraded with BMW’s Laserlight if consumers opt in for it.

An M-Carbon exterior package as well as M-Performance parts will be available from launch to make the i40 look more aggressive and sporty. On the BMW i4 M50, 20 inch light alloy wheels will be available as an optional extra.

BMW i4 Interior

BMW describes the i4’s the inside of the vehicle as a Luxurious premium ambience and variable-use interior space. As standard owners will receive acoustic glazing, pre-heating and pre-conditioning, sport seats and sports steering wheel.

The centre console features a modern design which sits elegantly between the driver and passenger for the gear selector, BMW controller and function keys. In the BMW i4, there has been a clear focus on the the new BMW Curved Display and natural spoken dialogue using the upgraded BMW Intelligent Personal Assistant. This area of the cockpit features digital screen grouping of 12.3-inch information display and 14.9-inch control display for a wide range of controls and functions for both inside and outside the i4. As standard, owners will also be exposed to BMW’s new and more advanced BMW Operating System 8.

Driving pleasure and comfort enhanced by options such as seat heating and ventilation, Vernasca leather trim and BMW Individual leather trim variants, instrument panel in Sensatec and leather variants, M Sport package Pro, ambient lighting, Harman Kardon Surround Sound System and large glass slide/tilt sunroof.

The new interior flows further into the back where drivers will find the rear bench which can accommodate up to three extra passengers. For the boot, as standard, owners will receive an electric opening and closing mechanism to expose a load space of up to 470 litres, however, this can be extended by folding the rear seats down to increase the load space to 1,290 litres. If this still isn’t enough, BMW are also offering an optional electrically extendable and retractable trailer tow hitch, which can then pull anything up to 1,600 KG.

Specification based off the BMW i4 eDrive40

Top Speed

118 MPH


340 BHP

0-60MPH (Sec)



317 lb-ft

MPG (Urban)


MPG (Combined)

16 - 20kWh / 62 miles

Engine Size




No. Seats


No. Doors


Body Style






Fuel Tank Cap

210.6 AH

Luggage Cap


Tax (UK)


Wheel Size









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