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Audi RS3

Using Audi’s award winning 2.5L TFSI 5-Cylinder engine, driver’s will be equipped with the right amount of power for dynamic driving. Coming in at 394 BHP and featuring Audi’s new Torque Splitter, the RS3 is definitely paving the way for Audi’s next generation of performance cars. Available in a Sportback or Sedan model.

Audi RS3 For Sale

The Audi RS 3 Sportback and RS 3 Sedan will be available to order in Europe starting in mid‑July 2021. The new RS 3 models will be launched in the fall of this year.

From $70,733


The all new Audi RS3 Sedan and Sportback features the award winning 2.5 TFSI five-cylinder, high-performance engine which Audi claim is more powerful than ever.  Both RS3 models have the ability of going from 0 to 60MPH in just 3.8 seconds whilst producing 394 BHP and 368 lb-ft of torque, more than enough to push you back into the driver’s seat. The top speed for these models is limited to 155MPH, however as an optional upgrade, users can increase the top speed to 173MPH or 180MPH if they go for the RS Dynamic package and ceramic brakes. This makes the RS3 the best in its class in terms of top speed and acceleration.

A new engine control unit has also been introduced to the new RS3 to further increase speed, this unit makes all driving components communicate with each other in an efficient and intelligent way to pump out more power. A seven speed dual clutch transmission partners up with Audi’s award winning TFSI engine to maximise the output of the vehicle and to provide short shifting times and sportier gear ratio spread. The incomparable sound that is produced by the engine and the gearbox certainly makes the driving experience much more exhilarating than a standard base model of the Audi A3 or even the Audi S3.

For the first time in the model’s history, Audi have introduced a fully variable flap control system in the exhaust. This flap system supports intermediate positions, thus broadening the sound characteristics even further and can be adjusted via the driving dynamics system Audi drive select. For example, in the Dynamic and RS Performance modes the flaps open much earlier – the emotional elements of the sound are even more pronounced.

Audi has also developed the standard RS sports suspension to have feature newly developed shock absorbers and a valve system both specific to the Audi RS3. The valves ensure that the shock absorbers exhibit a particularly sensitive response as part of the rebound and compression characteristics. This allows the suspension to respond to the respective driving situation even faster and more effectively. Owners can also purchase the RS sports suspension plus with adaptive damper control as an optional extra.

The new RS3 also features larger wheel camber, i.e. the wheels are angled more toward the road, results in a more precise steering response and increased cornering force. Compared to the Audi A3, the wheels on the front axle of the new RS 3** have just under one degree of additional negative camber.


For the first time ever, Audi are introducing an RS Torque Splitter and specific RS 3 modes to the Audi RS3. These new features have never been seen on an Audi model before meaning consumers are getting the latest developments from Audi giving the RS3 a more premium and modern feel/experience.

The new RS3 models comes standard-equipped with a torque splitter. This new component replaces the rear axle differential and the multiple disc clutch package that could be found on the rear axle with an electronically controlled multiple disc clutch used on each drive shaft. This new development provides the car with the optimal amount of torque along the rear axle. For example, when driving in a more dynamic fashion the torque splitter increases the drive torque to the outer rear wheel with the higher wheel load, this reduces the chances of the car understeering. 

A new driving mode has also been produced specifically for the RS3, this mode is known as the “RS Torque Rear” and is perfect for drifting on a closed-off track. The mode has its own characteristics bound to the torque splitter to help direct power to the rear axle when taking corners in a more dynamic fashion. 

Another innovation Audi is introducing to the RS3 is the the RS Performance mode, created specifically for the racetrack. This new driving mode uses a specific engine and transmission configuration and is precisely tailored to the semi-slick tires that are, for the very first time, available for the RS3 as a factory option.

Audi RS3 Exterior

The new exterior design on the Audi RS3 Sportback and the Audi RS3 Sedan is more dynamic and powerful compared to the previous models/designs. To give off an expressive look and feel to the front of the vehicle which features, the wide RS bumper, the redesigned Singleframe with its distinctive honeycomb grille, and large air intakes. For the headlights; as standard the RS3 comes equipped with flat, wedge-shaped LED headlights featuring dynamic turn signal lights, which also feature on the LED taillights. As an optional extra, owners can purchase Matrix LED headlights which adopts darkened bezels and digital daytime running lights around their outer downturned angles.

Like the innovative technology featured in the Audi RS3, new design elements from Audi can be found on the exterior work of the RS3. For example, the front wheel arches now feature an eye-catching additional air outlet. Furthermore, the rocker panels with a black trim have also been developed further to partner up with the flared wheel arches, concluding in a more expressive look for the vehicle. 

Wheels-wise for the RS3 Sedan and RS3 Sportback, both are equipped with 19-inch cast wheels which feature a 10-Y spoke design. However, for a more dynamic design, an optional 5-Y spoke wheel design is available which feature RS branding. As a further option, Audi will mount the wheels with Pirelli P Zero “Trofeo R” performance semi-slick tires for the first time ever.

Towards the rear of the car, Audi has redesigned the RS-Specific rear bumper which now has the diffuser integrated and makes the RS exhaust system with two large oval tailpipes more prominent.

The newly developed RS3 models can be ordered in two exclusive colours, specifically chosen for the RS3, these are  Kyalami green and Kemora grey. For the sedan, the roof can be ordered in Brilliant Black to create a contrast for the new colour schemes. Individual external features of the car come in black as standard, however the finish is optional between matte or a high gloss, for example, this is an option for the front grille. The Alu-Optic Trim package is available as an option and accentuates the front bumper, diffuser insert, and window trim. For those who desire an even sportier look with the RS3, the rocker panels inlays, the mirror caps, the tailgate spoiler on the Sedan and the roof edge spoiler on the Sportback are available in a carbon-fibre-reinforced-polymer.

Audi RS3 Interior

The newly designed interior of the Audi RS3 features many elements that relates to the car’s sport like feel and driving experience. Upfront in the cockpit as standard, drivers will find the 12.3-inch Audi virtual cockpit plus. This display will present the driver with the RPMs of the car which is now in the form of a bar graph and shows power and torque as a percentage, this makes any information of the car look and feel more futuristic and modern. In addition to this the display also presents the driver with information about g-forces, lap times and acceleration from 0-100 km/h, 0-200 km/h, quarter mile, and eighth of a mile.

Also featured is a 10.1-inch touch display which Audi refer as the “RS Monitor”. This monitor displays the coolant, engine, and transmission oil temperatures as well as tire pressures as well as any other bits of information which is important when driving the RS3. For the first time ever in an RS3, Audi are introducing a head-up display that projects relevant information onto the windshield in the driver’s direct line of sight in addition to the shift light indicator. 

To give the interior a further luxurious and sporty feel, Audi have used carbon inlay in the instrument panel and RS sport seats with RS embossing and anthracite contrast stitching. However, optional extras for the seats include fine Nappa leather seats with RS honeycomb stitching and glossy black, red, or, for the first time, green contrast stitching.

The RS design packages are also optional to new buyers and include exclusive floor mats with contrast stitching and RS embroidery, as well as seatbelts with coloured edges. The Design package plus includes seat corners in red or green and a coloured accents on the air vents. 

As standard, the RS3 is equipped with the classically designed RS steering wheel, wrapped in leather with a featured flat bottom. Around the back of it, drivers will find high-quality die-cast zinc shift paddles that are built into the steering wheel. Furthermore, if the RS Design Package has been purchased, owners will receive a 12 o’clock stripe for faster indication of the steering wheel position during dynamic driving. However, if a flat bottomed steering wheel does not appeal to the driver, then a round RS wheel is available  featuring hands-on detection for assisted steering functions. As standard on all steering wheels, the RS mode button is featured in the spokes of the wheel, this button is used to select the wide range of driving modes the Audi RS3 features, including the all new RS Performance Mode.

Audi RS3 Sportback and sedan
RS3 Sedan front driving
Audi RS3 Sportback Front
RS3 Sportback rear

Top Speed

180 MPH


394 BHP

0-60MPH (Sec)



368 lb-ft

MPG (Urban)


MPG (Combined)


Engine Size




No. Seats


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Fuel Tank Cap


Luggage Cap


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